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(Above Picture, Top, L to R - Sandra Marvin, Jessica Jump, Barbara Lake, Mary Ann Sadecki, Joann Dobson, Linda Buffington, Lisa Haley, & Amanda Boman. Above Picture, Bottom, L to R - Sean Stanley, Nancy Hadden, Katrina Colwell, & Debbie Chamberlain.)

Hospitalizations are difficult for everyone, but here at Barnes-Kasson Hospital our Acute Care and ICU staff strive to make all of our patients feel at home. Director of Nursing, Sandra Marvin, leads a team of 27 RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s, and Nursing Assistants who provide quality care to all of our patients. The staff treats our patients with respect, listens to their concerns, and tries to make every patient’s hospital stay as comfortable as possible.

Our nursing staff includes, Barbara Lake RN, Rita Cicon RN, Melanie Lee RN, JoAnn Dobson RN, Amy Freitag RN, Amanda Boman RN, Deborah Shelly RN, Debbie Chamberlain LPN, Teara Neu LPN, Karen Bailey RN, Shirley Decker RN, Kim Harvie-Kelly RN, Linda Buffington RN, Karen Parkinson RN, Beth Callahan RN, Katrina Colwell RN, and Nancy Culnane RN.

Our certified nurse aides include Mary Ann Sadecki, Jessica Jump, Beth Myers, Ed Wade, Jennifer Groover, Lisa Haley, and Nancy Hadden. Our nursing assistants include Sean Stanley, Brooke Marvin, and Shelby Twining. These individuals help assist patients with their everyday needs.

The dedication of our staff comes through in every aspect of care that they provide. They truly work as a team to ensure compassionate and quality care.






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