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Barnes-Kasson County Hospital

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Barnes-Kasson provides transitional care in a hospital setting.  Our transitional care supports patients recovering from an acute illness or surgery who no longer require acute hospital care but are not yet ready to go home.  Transitional care provides a full range of nursing and medical care to meet the individual needs.   Our staff consists of highly trained professionals committed to both our patients and the community. 

Key Features of Transitional Care...

*A Personalized Plan of Care to meet each individual patients needs.
*Hospital Staffing to keep you safe and meet your needs.  Nurse to patient ratio is 1 to 6.
*Our On-site Physician, therapy team, radiology, laboratory and pharmacy will address all your medical needs.
*Care involves input from a Multidisciplinary Team, consisting of physicians, nursing staff, therapy staff, dieticians, and social workers.
*Our hospital is a small facility, your care team is always Easily Accessible.
 *Open Visiting Hours, your family is always welcome to be with you.

Our Team...

*Is Especially Equipped to meet the needs of even the most complex patients.
*Incorporates Specialized Therapies, such as Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy.
*Utilizes IV Antibiotics to treat a variety of infections.
*Treats Wounds that need special attention.
*Is trained in Specialized Respiratory treatments and Support.
*Has Physician Availability 24/7 for care needs.

Why Choose Us...

*Because our goal is to provide Compassionate and Quality Care in a Comfortable Setting.
*Because its the Right Care, At the Right Time in the Right Setting.
*Because we are committed to meeting Your Care Needs, Becoming Your Team, to Transition you back to Your Home.

Our Utilization Department will work closely with your discharging Acute Care Hospital to ensure a safe transition to our Transitional Care Program.  To arrange for treatment please contact: Utilization Review at 570-853-3135 Ext. 296


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