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When it comes to your health, we don't want you to travel 60 miles down the road to get answers.  Here at Barnes-Kasson Hospital we offer many state of the art imaging modalities. Our licensed and registered technologists are down-to-earth, personable and continuously furthering their education to ensure that you receive excellent care and service.  Our goal is to achieve the best scan as humanly possible, while keeping you as comfortable and relaxed as we can.

 Our Imaging Services...

X-Rays are an extremely useful tool for health care professionals in identifying problems with bones, organs and structures. X-Rays are painless and low risk, and are used to help find the cause of common symptoms, find particular conditions and monitor treatment. 

Computed Tomography (CT) produces a series of detailed, three-dimensional images of parts of the body.  The CT is a painless, fast scan that uses both special x-ray equipment and computers to produce images that are more detailed than regular x-rays.  Scans are used to diagnose conditions such as cancer, musculoskeletal disease and trauma to certain area of the body.  Detailed results of a CT can eliminate or reduce the need for surgical biopsies and exploratory surgery. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)  develops detailed pictures of the inside of your body without the use of invasive techniques or x-ray radiation.   tests are preformed using a strong magnetic field and radio waves to produce a clear, detailed view of a patients internal organs and tissues.  MRI's are used to assess a variety of situations - from knee or head injures to tumors of blood vessel disorders. They are valuable for the diagnosis of a broad condition in all parts of the body.

Ultrasound is a medical imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves to study many organs of the body instead of radiation.  When ultrasound waves are recorded they are immediately displayed on a monitor in real time.  Ultrasounds are commonly associated with pregnancy, however are also used to create pictures of vessels or organs inside the patients body. 

Nuclear Medicine examinations produce images that can help a physician diagnose a specific disease or disorder, or capture images of infections or tumors in specific organs. Patients are given a small amount of a radioactive compound that localizes in specific body organs systems.  This compound gives off energy which can be detected by a special camera and used to produce and image that can be viewed on a computer.  Radiation from the exams are about the same as a standard X-Ray.

Bone Densitometry (DEXA) is a dual energy X-Ray absorptiometry scan also called a bone density scan which is a common technique used to measure bone density.  This is a painless procedure that sends a beam of low dose X-rays with a high energy peak and a low energy peak through the bones.  One energy peak is absorbed by the bones and the other is absorbed by the soft tissues.  Bone density scans are used to evaluate a person risk for osteoporosis or any other known bone demineralization.  

Digital Mammography (Through Lourdes Mission in Motion)  is a process of using low energy x-rays to examine the human breast.  The goal of mammography is early detection of breast cancer by looking for characteristic masses or micro calcifications. 

***Please note Lourdes Mission in Motion services are only available on select days throughout the month. PA insurance is accepted.***



All tests must be ordered by a Physician and orders presented in our registration department.  Certain tests may require precertification.  Please check with your insurance to find out if the ordered test requires precertification.  Hours may vary depending on the test that is being scheduled.  No appointments necessary for X-Rays during normal business hours.   X-Rays and CT Scans are available 24 hours a day for emergencies only.  For all other testing appointments are needed.

For Appointments Please Contact:

X-Ray Department:    570-853-3135 ext. 238  (Main Line)  or   570-853-4077 (Direct Line)









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