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At Barnes-Kasson there are two different ways to view/retrieve your medical records.




If you would like paper copies or a CD of your full Medical Records, please fill out the Authorization form below,
print, and bring it to our Medical Records department. The Authorization form may be faxed but needs to be accompanied by a photo id and signature match, such as a driver's license.  The first copy of your records will be free but there is a charge for additional copies.                                  Fees are as follows:  Pages 1-20 $1.60, over this records are not able to be faxed.  

                    CLICK HERE for the Authorization to release Medical Records

2Our Patient Portal provides information such as patient demographics, problems, medications, medication allergies, laboratory tests, laboratory values/results, vital signs, care plans including goals and instructions, procedures and care team members. In addition, encounter diagnoses, immunizations, referral reasons and discharge instructions may be available.

                      CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on logging into our current Patient Portal.

                ***Please note at this time, you must have provided us with an email address at registration to a visit to receive the portal invite, which will be sent to your email address after your visit. **


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