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Barnes-Kasson County Hospital

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Emergency Operations Plan

Our residents/patients depend on staff to protect them in a disaster or other emergency. Barnes-Kasson's Emergency Operations Plan includes every aspect of emergency planning and preparedness. For more information, please click on the link below:

Emergency Operations Plan Notification 

Falls Can Happen

Barnes-Kasson is here to ensure your safety and security while you are hospitalized. If your physician allows you to walk, please use extra caution when getting in/out of bed, and when walking in the halls or to the bathroom. All bathrooms are equipped with an "emergency call button" to alert the nurses' station that you need assistance to do things that may cause a fall or strain.

Leaving the Floor

If you are planning to leave the floor, or visit another unit, please check first at the nurses' station to make sure your doctor has given approval for you to do so and to let the staff know where you can be located. It is important to stay in your room if a doctor, or other staff, is expected to be visiting you or if a treatment or distribution of medication is expected.

Electrical Appliances

All electrical equipment brought into the hospital must be checked by the Maintenance Department staff before being used. Examples of such items include cell phone chargers, hair dryers, electric razors, etc. Please have all electrical equipment checked before using it in the hospital; your nurse will be happy to make arrangements for the electrical safety check for you.

Identification Badge Policy

All members of the Barnes-Kasson Hospital staff and volunteers are required to wear an identification badge with his or her name and job title clearly printed on it. If you do not see a badge on someone involved with your care, please ask who they are, and to what position they are employed.

Fire Alarm

Fire drills are required every month and are done on all shifts. These drills are performed to keep our staff ready to perform should the need ever arise. If the condition is serious, you will be alerted immediately. You should be aware that when there is a fire alarm, a signal is tripped that closes, but does not lock, doors in certain areas.

Smoking Policy

Barnes-Kasson Hospital is a smoke-free facility. Smoking on hospital grounds is prohibited.


Patients are not permitted to bring in their own drugs or keep personal medications at their bedsides. If you have specialized medications that do not pertain to your present illness, please discuss your needs with the nurse that does your admission.

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