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Barnes-Kasson County Hospital

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Our facility offers a 58 bed SNF with highly trained professionals committed to both residents/families and the community.  We are dedicated to a full range of nursing and medical care which involves input from a multidisciplinary team.  We focus on individualized care plans to rehabilitate residents for discharge or to help them maintain an optimal quality of life.  We offer a variety of services tailored to fit every individual residents current needs. 

Our Services...

Restorative Nursing:

*Promotes the residents ability to adapt and adjust to living as independently as possible.
*Focuses on maintain optimal physical, psychosocial, and mental functioning.

Occupational Therapy:

*Assess residents abilities to safely complete activities associated with daily living.
*Rehab residents to be able to safely perform these tasks.

Social Services:

*Assist families/residents with the admission process.
*The social worker is part of the multidisciplinary team assisting with formulating individual care plans for the residents.
*They provide confidential counseling sessions regarding psychosocial issues of the residents.
*They also provide assistance with discharge planning.

Physical Therapy:                                                     Speech Therapy:

*Gait Training                                                                     *Swallowing (Dysphasia) Assessment/Training
*Muscle Re-Education                                                        *Diet Level Assessment
*Muscle Strengthening                                                        *Vocal Re-Education
*Joint Range of Motion                                                        *Balance and Endurance Training

 Other Services and Amenities Include: 

*Semi Private Rooms                                                         *24 Hour Licensed Nursing Services
*Activities Available 7 Days a Week                                   *Dietary Services/Consultations
*Accommodation for a Barber/Beautician


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