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Here at Barnes-Kasson Hospital we offer three specialties in Rehabilitation Services, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.  Our rehabilitation team provides individualized quality care to all of our outpatients, inpatients and residents.  Rehab services assist patients to gain body movements, fine motor skills and to learn new ways to do everyday tasks, that otherwise have become difficult for them.  The ultimate goal in rehab is to help the patient to be able to gain independence in their everyday life.  

Outpatient Rehab

Our outpatient rehab provides services to patients that are able to come into our facility and that do not need the intensive rehab of an inpatient or skilled nursing stay.  Patients coming to for outpatient rehab services will receive individualized care tailored to meet there individual rehab needs.  Staff will work closely with the referring physician to make sure that the patient receives quality care, and that the patients fullest rehab potential is being met. 

Inpatient Rehab

When more intense rehab services are needed, we have our inpatient rehabilitations services.  Everyone involved in the patients care now becomes part of the multidisciplinary team and works toward the ultimate goal of discharge.  Our Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists will closely monitor the progress of the patient, work with them to become stronger for discharge to home.  The therapy team will also make recommendations to the patient and family on how to make everyday life easier.

Transitional Care

We realize that not all patients are able to go home after the inpatient stay and that sometimes they need more therapy to build themselves back up.  Here at Barnes Kasson we offer transitional care.  This is better known by the term Swing Bed Care in our facility.  What does this mean, well it means that extended care can be provided to you after an acute care stay.  The therapy team will continue to work with you twice a day and work towards the ultimate goal of discharge. 


Here at Barnes-Kasson we realize that patients are individuals and not numbers, our therapists will take time to listen to concerns, to devise individualized plans of treatment and to make sure that the each patient reaches their fullest rehab potential.  Our individualized care, our qualified staff and our commitment to meeting your needs,  makes us the right choice to become your rehabilitation team.

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