House Calls a thing of the past? Not so fast…


            DR. FRANK SCHELL, AN EXPERIENCED Family Health Clinic and hospital ER physician, is currently making home visits to patients who qualify under the Homebound Guidelines. Dr. Schell examines patients in the comfort of their own homes, diagnoses problems and prescribes medications. Reports can be sent to the patient’s primary care physician following the visit. If admission to the hospital becomes necessary, arrangements could be made through Barnes-Kasson Hospital and one of the attending inpatient physicians on staff. Dr. Schell also works closely with the Barnes-Kasson Home Health Staff, helping with their homebound patients.

            The Family Health Clinic of Barnes-Kasson Hospital is delighted to offer this service to the community in its continued effort to provide the ultimate in health care in this most convenient setting. We realize that, at times, healthcare is neglected due to the absence of opportunity or the incapacity to visit a physician. This service provides the answer to availability of good healthcare services where it is needed most.

            Please call the Family Health Clinic of Barnes-Kasson Hospital at (570) 853-3135, ext. 332 and get more information regarding the guidelines for your in-home visit and to schedule an appointment.